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Mike in his home studio where Doityourselfincrimination was recorded. (21kb) Mike playing his Clavinet E7.  This photo was taken in a photo session for the Mastering Engineer Ryan Foster at work during the Doityourselfincrimination mastering session.  Freq Mastering, Portland, OR  12-11-05 (36kb)
Mike auditions tweaks Ryan Foster made during the Doityourselfincrimination mastering sessions.  Freq Mastering, Portland, OR  12-11-05 (42kb) Mike and Ryan Foster after the Doityourselfincrimination mastering is complete!  Freq Mastering, Portland, OR  12-11-05 (41kb) Relieved to have the cover graphics finished, Mike ships the Doityourselfincrimination masters and graphics art off for replication.  3-14-06 (34kb)
Mike and his parents Deanna and Duane celebrate the completion of Doityourselfincrimination. 3-15-06 (350kb) Doityourselfincrimination is here!  Mike and Khalilah pose with the first copies out of the box.  4-12-06 (28kb)